Semantic web technologies

Semantic Web is a development of the World Wide Web Consortium in which the meaning (semantics) of information of the web is very well defined, making it possible to a computer program partially understand its contexts. This understanding makes that information more useful for humans and computers. Some of its technologies are specifically designed to manipulate data: RDF - Resource Description Framework, OWL - Web Ontology Language and XML - Extensible Markup Language. They can describe all real-world things, their properties and relationships.

Ontology engineering

Ontology engineering is the computer science field which studies the techniques and methodologies for building ontologies that are the formal representations of a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships between those concepts. Ontologies are used by people, databases, and applications that need to share domain information (a domain is just a specific subject area or area of knowledge, like medicine, tool manufacturing, real estate, automobile repair, financial management, etc.). Ontologies include computer-usable definitions of basic concepts in the domain and the relationships among them. They encode knowledge in a domain and also knowledge that spans domains. In this way, they make that knowledge reusable. Ontologies figure prominently in the emerging Semantic Web as a way of representing the semantics of documents and enabling the semantics to be used by web applications and intelligent agents. Ontologies can prove very useful for a community as a way of structuring and defining the meaning of the metadata terms that are currently being collected and standardized. Using ontologies, tomorrow's applications can be "intelligent," in the sense that they can more accurately work at the human conceptual level. (Wikipedia)

Who we are? is an organisation that provides innovative services and solutions for acquisition, representation, modeling, transformation and storage of data and knowledge. With our consultancy services we can create helpful solutions to meet diverse required demands.

What we do?

Our consultancy comprises a broad variety of services in ontology engineering and xml technologies, i.e. XBRL, ISO 20022, UBL, RDF/S, OWL amid others. provides a new methodology for creating ontologies from information that lives in xml schemata, e-mails, corporate and public databases, spreadsheets, flat files, business messages, xbrl reports, documents, social-networks foruns, web pages and other data sources across enterprises and agencies.

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